The Downward Spiral

2023-12-14 · 1 min read

I returned yesterday from a 4-day vacation from the news to learn that Israel has increased its number of attacks on Gaza to 250 DAILY. downward-spiral

If one can believe anything in time of war, the reported tally of such attacks to-date is an unimaginable 22,000, killing some 18,000 Palestinians--the majority of them civilians. While it's understandable that a Hamas attack killing 1,200 Israelis cannot go unanswered, it escapes me how such slaughter (apparently now slated to go on for months) will bring about Israel's stated goals of peace and security. More likely, it seems, the outcome will be be yet more generations of death and destruction. Ironically, the AI program providing data used to select targets in Gaza is titled Gospel--a word meaning "good news," but in an Orwellian twist now lethally coopted.

Jim Hannah

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