Brother Bemused

Ironic, Isn't It? · 7 min read


Irony did not disappear along with ironing boards. Why, just today my brain was wrinkled by the ironical. It began with the reminder that this is the International Day of Peace, a global observance each September 21st declared by the United Nations to strengthen the ideals of peace. ...

On Checking My Assumptions at the Door · 5 min read


Since childhood, I’ve know that “a pint is a pound, the world around.” Right? Teachers explained that a pint is 16 ounces, and 16 ounces is a pound, ergo 1 pint = 1 pound. Simple. Memorable. But of late, as I’ve begun to question more and more of my long-held assumptions, even this pint/pound parity has come into question. There were two unexamined assumptions upon which this “truism” was based—that the medium being measured is water, and that the measure is in fluid ounces. ...